• Science!

    Leveraging techniques and equipment at the forefront of hot sauce craft to produce mouth-watering flavours.

  • Innovation!

    Applying our knowledge to bring new and unique flavours with the freshest ingredients.

  • Hot Sauce!

    Consistently delivering top quality hot sauces that will elevate your favourite dishes.

Pushing the frontiers

Here at The Heat Lab, we like to experiment with the unusual. We extract and combine fresh ingredients to create novel flavour profiles that push the boundaries of hot sauce craft.

Humble beginnings

The Heat Lab started life as a simple set of experiments, investigating the optimum ratio of chilis to create the most flavoursome combination for hot sauce. Now it is a thriving hot sauce lab in the outskirts of york, supplying local shops and restaurants.

See for yourself

Its hard to prove we have the tastiest hot sauces on the market. All our data can't beat your own experience, so pick up a bottle and see for yourself.

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