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The Heat Lab UK

The Heat Lab gift set

The Heat Lab gift set

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Our signature four hot sauces in one convenient gift set for you or a loved one. The flavours include:

Roasted Garlic -

Dispense with caution. Our roasted garlic hot sauce as been carefully calibrated to deliver unashamedly punchy flavours – and a burst of explosive heat. Perfect for amplifying pizza or a tomato-based sauce like chilli.

Thai Peach - 

Our spice scientists developed the Thai Peach flavour after a research expedition to asia. The knowledge we gained transferred into a sweet and spicy sauce that is balanced by the acidity of fresh limes. The sweetness of ripe peaches provides a delightful sweetness to contrast the heat of Thai Chilies. Experience the molecular dance of sugars and capsaicin, creating a harmony you'll savor with each bite. Our Spice Scientists have meticulously calibrated the capsaicin levels to tickle your taste receptors without overwhelming them. Enjoy your wings coated in this delicious spicy condiment.

Jalapeno Ginger and Lime -

An experimental blend of sun-ripened lime, ginger and lab-fermented jalapeno peppers, this fiery formula is guaranteed to provoke a reaction. Its tingling heat and piquant flavour pair equally well with crispy pork belly or beef tacos.

Sweet Chilli -

A fresh take on a traditional formula, this fiery concoction blends traditional sweet chilli flavours with the tang of apple cider vinegar and the sultry heat of bird’s eye chilli peppers. It’s sharp and zesty, with an explosive heat that’s ideally suited to wraps, gyozas or summer rolls. 

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