About us

The Heat Lab started life as a simple set of experiments, investigating the optimum ratio of chilis to create the most flavoursome combination for hot sauce. Nobody could have foreseen the results and the spark that ignited inside the first spice scientist which paved the way for our future endeavour.

Finally, after nights spent crouching over a mass spectrometer, culturing the finest chillies, we stumbled on the perfect hot sauce formula. We’ll also add this pioneering approach to the unique flavour combinations that represent our overall approach to hot sauces.

Here at The Heat Lab, we deplore the mundane – and work hard to ensure that every product delivers tantalising flavours that are capable of transforming everyday food but that’s pretty much it. Our commitment to manufacturing real food means that you’ll never find chemical additives or unpleasant nasties lurking in our products. And our exacting approach to quality control means that every bottle is guaranteed to deliver the intense flavours and full-bodied heat you’d hope to find in a small-batch sauce.

The Heat Lab has now grown into a thriving hot sauce supplier. If you are interested in stocking our products please get in touch as we provide wholesale prices for bottles and bulk.